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Who we are

Cesar, Fabiano, Sivuca, Ricardo and Denis

We got this far because we love what we do. We love cycling and we're having a blast doing it on an ebike. We think it is not very fair that only a small number of people can enjoy the pleasure and joy of enjoying this beauty, which is why we dedicate our efforts to bring this opportunity to Brazil.

We are three friends Cesar, Denis and Sivuca. Together we form a
  ultimate team . Friends, accomplices united in a trisomy of balance and passion.

Passionate about bikes, experienced importers, experts in mechanics, thrilled designers, ambitious entrepreneurs.

Cesar and Denis are exceptional technicians and administrators, former motocross and MTB riders, specialists in Downhill for more than 20 years in the mechanical workshop market.
Sivuca, on the other hand, is a business administrator and writer , pilots paragliders and was an instructor at the old school Ventomania, a former competitor and acrobatics pilot and joined the brothers in 2003 in the business world. Together, they united their passion for turning dreams into reality and created the companies Automatik, Solupeças and finally founded iPedal with a proposal of inclusion and technology.


This is the front-line team that shivers on iPedal's tools and paperwork. without them, we couldn't make it all happen this cool way.

From left to right:

Marcos - Bike assembly and testing
Lucas - IT, shopping, SAC
Felipe - Construction and assembly Batteries


Felipe - Construction and assembly Batteries

Lucas - IT, purchases, SAC


Lucas - IT, purchases, SAC

carlos alberto_edited.png

Lucas - IT, purchases, SAC


Dani - Sales

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