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iPedal 500+

The secret of happiness


The Bafang 500/750it's everything you dreamed of, an extremely versatile, robust and powerful engine that manages to be surprisingly economical at a good price.


The iPedal 500+  is the icing on the cake. An exclusive iPedal, this engine works with 48V and consists of a combination of features between two Bafang versions.


The iPedal setup includes hardware and software items and resulted in an engine capable of working at a higher rpm regime. The iPedal upgrade produces a smarter and more favorable power curve, get ready for wonderful pedals with an exclusive range of autonomy and power. 

Suggested weight range
Minimum batteries for this engine

iPedal has developed a specific software for this engine, with six levels that allows an unparalleled progression in power levels.

Perfect for most riders who want high cadence performance and lightness.

And the battery?

It can be purchased in our virtual store at the link below:

Recommended minimum battery: 468wh

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